Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ski Bum goes on ANOTHER trip :-)

Well a lot has happened since I posted last. I wanted to leave the kids stories up for a couple of days... and then I got side-tracked.

I think I'll go in reverse order. YES it's true! Tommy went on yet another snowboarding trip. This trip will be shorter than the last 2 week solo vacation he had. He went up to Mt. Bohemia in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I took the below pic as he was leaving yesterday morning at 4am.

Doesn't he look happy? I told him to enjoy his trip, because it might be his last for awhile.
Why you ask?
I got a job and I start Monday morning at 8am for three days of training, and then I'll work weekday evenings 5pm-11pm and any shift on weekends. It's not a glorious job, but it's decent and safe. I'll be working as "retail co-worker" at the Kwik Trip gas station/convience store in Elroy (Major THANKS to my dear friend Lisa who is always looking out for me!). Don't worry about me working in a gas station at night. This one is safe, I'll be working with someone else at all times, it's in Elroy (small rural quaint town... not on the Interstate or any other major highway), the company was ranked as the best company in it's class to work for in 2006, out of the 350 some odd stores it has in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota exactly 3 stores have been robbed in 3 years, there are 10 security cameras, etc...
Why am I going back to work you ask?
Someone has to pay for all those extravagant ski trips :-)

For those of you saying, poor Laura... don't :-). I'm very happy, I chose to stay home, and I was only teasing about needing a job to pay for Tommy's vacation. I'll be taking my own getaway in May. I'll be going to Lake Geneva, WI for a 3 day Yoga Retreat with my friend and yoga teacher Annie. Annie also just recently approached me about helping her teach some yoga classes. She wants to open her own studio (current classes are held in the basement of a church and at a dance studio) and she won't be able to teach all the classes she wants to offer. I'm looking at taking teacher certification classes in either Mequon, WI or Appleton, WI.
Below is a pic of the bag I made for my yoga mat, straps, water, and blocks. Thanks Barbara for the sewing machine! It was a dream to use, and I'm glad I finally got a chance to use it. Next use will be for the window quilts I've been wanting to make. I'm in the slow (for me) process of cutting the squares.

Finally we did have some family fun together this past weekend. We went cross-country skiing and sledding at a friends place. In the pic below Tommy is in front, Reeve is in the middle, and Tom's friend Wiley is in the back.