Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday with the Verde Family

Around 40 more days here, and I have been a busy girl! I have neglected posting regularly here, but my friend Nikole has been doing an awesome job of capturing our Sunday visits. Here is the link to her latest post (hint: there are great pictures of the Raye kids found in it!) Thanks Nikole!!
I'll try my best, but it's getting harder! Last night we sold another desk, so my office is in complete disarray. I'm also acknowledging that I had a storage bin addiction. Sold over 20 storage totes this week and I still have 30+ more to empty!!
Reeve had a great 11th Birthday. No pictures...just a fun time together at home.
Also...not sure how often I will be posting this summer...we will have no home based internet for awhile!