Friday, December 21, 2012

O'ahu Trip

We took a vacation to O'ahu. The last plane Stella was on was in 2011 when we moved here and she cried the whole flight.
 She was much happier this flight!
 We stayed at a condo in Waikiki area that I stayed at with my family when I was around Reeve's age.
The lobby...
 Waikiki beach...Reeve in the water.
 Reeve and Stella in the water...
 Surf movies are always a family favorite and we just saw Chasing Mavericks. Stella had fun paddle, paddle, paddling to catch the mild waves.

 The kids and I had fun walking around Waikiki...Diamond Head is in the background.
 We took a trip to the North Shore...Ehukai Beach Park, aka Banzai Pipeline. Stella is running away from the huge surf. The boys are getting a closer look.
 It was a windy day.

 Kyle is getting washed on shore, Stella stayed on the beach, and Reeve is getting ready to join Kyle.
 Kyle and Reeve getting tossed about in the waves.

 We saw at least two rainbows each day in Honolulu. It was very windy there and always a nice passing rain shower. This is the view from our condo. They were painting, and that's what those wires are about.

 A Wyland Mural...on our way to the airport.