Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sand Pile and Solar System

Well I took a month off because I've been adjusting to our new family schedule, and it's all centered around Reeve going to public school. He's in the 5th Grade now, and although he was pretty bored at first he is really enjoying the whole process. We all get up early and walk him over to our neighbor's house. They teach at the school and give Reeve a ride each morning, and then Reeve takes the 50 minute bus ride home.

At any rate, Reeve's new schedule, and Kyle's home schooling, have thrown me a bit off.

Her are some sand pile pictures. Tom ordered a truck load of sand for the solar pipe "ditch" for where the pipes go underground from the the house to the solar hot water array.

The pictures speak for themselves. Reeve and Kyle both had a blast. They love to get dirty.

 Below are pictures of the solar hot water fully functional. This was when there were 8 panels in place, now there are 10!

 Reeve helped test the system by running cold well water through the panels and it came out the other end over 200F degrees in minutes!
 Stella loves the water, and had to get wet...this was not the 200F degree water, thankfully!