Saturday, May 14, 2011

Packing It Up...Burning It Down

The start to the strategic packing of the trailer has begun!
There are 4 quadrants in the trailer and we are weighing everything and totaling how much weight is in each quadrant to make sure the load is properly balanced. Next week we'll have a scale for the tongue of the trailer...we got to keep the tongue weight at or below 700 pounds. I'd like to keep the overall weight below 4000 pounds. I don't think that will be a problem. 
Maintenance on the pulling machine has been accomplished!! The van's oil and transmission fluid have both been changed. The van also has a brand new oil cooler and a brand new transmission cooler and the boys have been awed by Tom's car maintenance abilities...good homeschooling going on at the Raye's!
We've also equipped the Orange Beast with strap on towing mirrors, so Tom can see beyond the *Silver Saint* (Saint...because it's doing the heavenly job of moving all of our stuff!).
We have a beautiful pair of Orioles that have been pecking away at the tulips in the front yard. We have a nesting Robin, with 3 eggs, under our deck. The rose breasted gross-beaks are favorite, I call them the Valentine bird because it looks like they have a huge heart painted on their white breast. One Valentine has been following us on our daily walk. He hangs out in the corn field and Stella screams with delight when she spots him.
We had a huge pile of scrap wood from an old house and barn that were on the property before we got here. A couple of years ago we had them pushed into a pile. We called our neighbor (he's on the Town Board) and got a fire permit and then we notified the Sheriff's dept. It all went smoothly.

Now on to a day filled with more sorting/packing/cleaning/ addition to all the other *normal* chores :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

More from Stella's 2nd

About the middle of April I had a dental cleaning in La Crosse and we stopped by the free zoo, but they were undergoing some major renovations. There was just this small exhibit inside. Stella had fun looking at the fresh water turtles.

Here are some more pictures of her on her 2nd Birthday.

On our walk...she does really well on this mile walk...half of which is nearly all uphill! Our friend Tony (who will be leasing the house at the end of the month) is in the background helping his Dad to chop firewood.

Determined little walker...
Fun Kyle...Reeve with his camera...and Stella and Papa.

Here come the cows.
They got right up to the fence.
One little goat which Stella calls a "kitty cow". We're thinking her reasoning is that a kitty cat (kitten) is a small cat, so this goat must be a small cow or "kitty cow." She won't say goat.
I was getting nervous that the cows might stampede us. Just a little too close for my comfort :)

Reeve taking a video with his camera.

Countdown is on! 10 days until we leave. I need to pack the computer up soon, but I am avoiding that!!
 We found a *gentler* grade route across the rockies, so wish us luck!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Sunset #2 and clouds by: Reeve

A couple of evenings ago I saw another beautiful sunset I was messing around with the editing when I discovered a COOL way to mess with a picture I took. This is the result.

I like how the sunlight comes through the tree
I like the circle of red around the sun.

I like the wide view.


This one makes me feel how large the world is

I like the big sky.

I like the fact that this one doesn't show the sun.

The next morning I took a picture of the clouds.