Saturday, February 20, 2010

February Snow Pictures

Long time between posts...we are all well and healthy here. I misplaced the cable that I need to download pictures to the computer. I found it this morning. The first set of pictures was taken from our Canon Powershot Camera, and I'm pretty sure it is not working correctly. Most of the pictures end up with a green tinge around them, and it always happens with the automatic flash...any ideas as to what the problem might be? Any solutions?
Reeve and Kyle enjoying their metal red sleds:

Here are the blurry pics...Tom took the boys to Cascade Mountain, located about an hour south of us, for a fun-filled day of snowboarding:
Kyle Stylin' down the hill:


Kyle reading to Stella in the PC (play center). The PC is Reeve's creation, and it is our living room blocked off with storage bins. The bins are great for keeping Stella contained and happy. She can stand to play with things on the bins and she can walk around holding onto the bins. It's also big enough that Reeve and Kyle can play in there with Stella and she doesn't feel like she's in a pen.

On Valentine's Day we had fun at a birthday party with a HUGE sledding hill:

and lots of love:

Lately it's all about teeth around here. Stella has two bottom teeth:

Kyle has had two front teeth loose for a couple of weeks now. We went to the dentist for a regular check-up and the dentist showed me that Kyle's adult teeth were coming in behind his loose front teeth. This was not good, so the dentist pulled 3 of Kyle's front teeth.
This is Kyle on laughing gas:

This is his new toothless grin:

What do you do in February when there is still tons of snow on the ground and you're bored with making snowmen??? You make your own snow chair, to sit in and contemplate what snow furniture to make next. Reeve's idea and Kyle helped to build:

The other night Kyle got a hold of the camera and took some pictures of Reeve and Stella. Stella is playing with the phone, and she already loves to pretend to talk on the phone. She even gets animated with hand gestures, and "are you kidding me?" looks: