Friday, December 07, 2007

Animal Tracks at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve

Waaaaay back at the end of October the kids went on a home schooling field trip to the Kickapoo Valley Reserve. The older kids in our home schooling group learned about how to survive in the wild and wild edibles while the younger kids (mainly boys all Reeve & Kyle's ages) learned about how to spot animal tracks.

They had a blast and of course didn't even notice the chilly weather. They all got copies of the animal tracking cards, so they can identify animal tracks around our house...really I don't want to know :-). I know we have foxes and coyotes nearby, oh and tons of deer. I saw a wolf on the property once and the town patrol man said he saw some black bears sunning on our road (this was about 8 years ago).

Here's a pic of Tom in his side job gear. He'll probably be getting new patches and hats in the future as he decided to change the name from Raye Mechanicals to Raye Heating & AC, LLC...that way people actually know what he does, otherwise he kinda sounds like an auto mechanic or something.

He's gaining faithful customers, and we haven't really marketed. Recently he was able to fix a problem and save a customer $200/month on their electrical bill. They were VERY happy!