Monday, August 05, 2013

Skatepark & 1st Day of School

View from our downstairs office... a lovely morning rainbow. We are lucky :)
Ahhhh the days of summer, where the boys spent nearly 3 days a week at the skatepark that is 1mile from our house. The other days of the week they were recovering...mostly from the sun exposure :)
Above...Kyle is ready with his white helmet and knee pads. Very proud of him because it looks like he is the only one with a helmet on this day! Below, Reeve...he's got the knee pads, but no helmet.
Kyle re-adjusting after coming up the hill.

 Our pineapple garden :) So far I've turned this rock wall into a huge pineapple garden with no less than 17 pineapples to wait 2 years for the fruit :)

 One day after going to Maku'u Farmer's Market, Tommy brought home 3 banana plants. They need mulch and fertilizer, but they are doing well.

Okay, can you tell I am proud of those pineapples? 
 Today is the First Day of School!!!!! Yippee!!!!! Kyle woke up at 4am (so excited!) They were bouncing off the walls at 6am when they wanted to walk to school. I told them they had to wait until 6:50am before they could leave (school starts at 8am and is a short mile walk).
 Sorry about the sideways picture...when I find time I will change it :)
 I wanted to take a pic of the boys walking to school, but I missed it. They left at 6:45am while I was in the middle of my Shiva Rea Yoga DVD. However, Kyle came running back to get his skateboard.
Bye Kyle, Have a Great Day in 7th Grade!!!