Saturday, February 23, 2013

Crafts and Floods

It's been awhile, but here goes :)
I hand sewed this purse design last year. This year I actually got out my iron and sewing machine. The main fabric was left over from the skirt I made when my folks visited over the summer. I love it, it's a soft green denim.
It has two small pockets inside
and one large outside pocket.

It pretty much has been raining non-stop since Valentine's day. Pouring rain. Our bananas are in the middle of their own lake.
We don't let the rain stop our projects. I found this design for a couch and two tables that converts to a queen size futon bed. Total cost for the lumber (at Hawaii prices) was $167.50...not bad for a queen size bed! I'm also making a wool futon. I have the denim futon cover, but I'm waiting on the wool batting...they shipped it parcel post which can take 5-6 weeks to get here :(
More pics from our epic flood...still looks like this now, and the rain is still coming down.

 Our ducks actually get to be **real** ducks and swim in a puddle-like lake.
 The duck in the center is new to the flock...a gift from a neighbor. She's a different kind of duck and she makes a lot of noise...very talkative. Her name is Mrs. Dash. The neighbor was afraid she would come back to his place, but she really loves it here.