Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Cross-Stitch Week One & 2 Easter Pics

Well we had a white Easter Sunday. Kyle was very excited that it was Easter morning about 5:30am. He woke up saying at the top of his voice "It's Easter, It's Easter," and then he went back to sleep. Again around 7am he woke up shouting "It's Easter, It's Easter." No one else was really stirring, so he went back to sleep. Then at about 9:30am he kind of sat up in bed and looked like this:

He was very groggy, didn't even say "It's Easter," and just kind of sat contemplating something for about 15 minutes before he decided to join the rest us for breakfast.
I can't believe I didn't take ANY pictures of the easter eggs or hunt. The only pic we ended up taking was this one of colored snow. After we colored the eggs...Reeve colored all of his Green and Kyle colored all of his blue...we threw the dye water out in the snow.

We started a little tradition that the kids have seperate colors for their eggs, so that when the hunt is on they know what color to find and keep very quiet if they see the other color. Tom hid 11 eggs and I hid 11 eqgs and it took them about a half an hour to find them all. We've never had a hunt in the snow, so this year was very interesting. I did manage to video tape the event, but for the life of me I don't think I'll ever figure out how to upload videos. I'm bad enough as it is trying to get them on a DVD. I just managed to send out DVD's of our summer trip to Canada. Actually I'm amazed I got it done in under a year!

Here is a pic of the first week of the Spring chair cross-stitch. I like this one better than the winter chair. The wreath on the winter chair sent me cross-eyed. The spring chair is far easier to follow. I can tell already that Summer is going to be a challenge...clouds and sand and lots of light colors that are hard to see and differentiate, but Autumn looks the funnest. I like saving the best for last.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Kids on the block...(baby goats down the road)

Isn't she the sweetest thing you've ever seen. She's a baby Nubian goat. Her ears are so soft and long!

Our friend's goats had some babies and there are more babies due in about a week. I absolutely LOVE baby goats. They are extremely soft, playful, and beautiful.

You can't resist wanting to pick one up! This is Hazel's first time being a Mom and she was a very good Mom. Very attentative and nuturing. She didn't let her babies out of her sight for a moment...especially around Kyle.

I'm really thankful the boys can get this experience with these animals. It makes living out in the middle of nowhere fun.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

First Spring Snow

Even though it is now officially Spring we can still get snow well into April. Acutally the Fall and Spring snows are the best snows. The temps aren't bitter and it's fun to play outside. The snow tends to be a better feeling snow. The kids both said that this Spring snow was the best snow they've seen this year and last.

They had a ton of fun playing on the swingset in the snow. Reeve was in charge of building up the snow jump pile.

and Kyle had fun jumping into it!

Reeve wanted me to post this pic of a crane he made. He's pretty proud of it :-).