Saturday, June 14, 2008

Assiniboine Park & Zoo in Winnipeg, Manitoba

We picked a beautiful day to visit the Assiniboine Park & Zoo. The park was beautiful and HUGE. There looked to be an awesome bike trail all around the park & zoo...later we found out that it connects to a 20mile (I think?) trail to Ft. Whyte Park. I love bike friendly cities.

And here is a pic of me and the boys with a statue of the original Winnie-the-Pooh. The "Winnie" part comes from Winnipeg of course :-).

Last night Reeve and Kyle survived a night in the woods with some fellow homeschoolers. They were invited over to a camp out and the boys ages 5(Kyle), 8(Reeve), 11, 12, & 13 slept in a huge army tent. From the sounds of it they didn't exactly sleep! Reeve said they talked all night and then got a little sleep. They woke up with the sun and packed there gear, hiked out of the woods, and up to their friend's house. When they got inside they noticed the time was 4:54A.M.! They then decided to go back to the tent to hang out. This was their first night away from home, and they LOVED it! They came home around 10am. They crashed at 3pm and had a nap until 7pm when I woke them up (bad Mom!)...I just wanted them to be able to sleep tonight. They can't wait to go on another camp over.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Winnipeg Children's Museum

I finally have the first batch of Winnipeg pics labeled. Here is a pic of the RV we traveled in and the Traveler's RV Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba where we stayed.

We had a smooth ride up. Our first day out and about in Winnipeg was windy, so we stayed out of the wind at the Winnipeg Children's Museum. They had a huge train replica complete with bunks, a ticket master station, and a post office. They also had a space shuttle replica. Kyle loves to dress up!

Reeve pretended he was really launching into outer infinity & beyond!

If there's a computer to be found Reeve & Kyle will be there...for a very long time.

After the Children's Museum we walked around on "The Forks" historic area of's where the two rivers, the Red & Assiniboine, meet.
There we met a buffalo

and a polar bear (isn't he/she? huge!).

Monday, June 09, 2008

Tornados & Power Out

Saturday a couple of tornados were reported to touch down within 8 miles of our house. It rained most of the day. Sunday we had severe thunderstorms ALL day...they just didn't let up. Everytime I thought it was over about 15 minutes later we'd get a huge boom of thunder and brilliant flashes of lightning. We lost power at about 4:45pm and it came back on today at 1pm. We all read by candle light last night. We can't go to the library today because the road to get there is flooded, and folks in Elroy are having to navigate by boat! Everything is fine here. The ground is like walking on a huge sponge that is soaked, but the sun is finally peeping through the clouds.