Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve

We are enjoying a sunny February, that's for sure! I love the longer days and warmer in the 30sF! At this point a sunny day in February with little to no wind and temps in the mid-30sF really does feel like T-Shirt weather!

On Friday the kids and I went to the Kicapoo Valley Reserve in La Farge, WI. It's right across the street from Organic Valley's Headquarters. (Yes, we know we are super duper LUCKY to live so close to an amazing resource of organic food!) We did not go on this field trip with our home-school cooperative and it just did not have the same feel. We missed our friends! Reeve felt isolated. He went on a cross-country ski trail and got lost!
His group returned, instructor and all, and Reeve was no where to be seen! The instructor said he wanted to go further and she let him!
I was worried that he went over the edge into the river. After 30 minutes and no Reeve, Stella and I went searching. Ahhh! At last I spot him.
He was very mellow and told me he got lost and that he just "didn't get it." He didn't understand which way the trail went and he kept searching for other kids in his group.
He was very hot and tried to cool off by rubbing snow on his forehead.
Kyle enjoyed his time in the Geology class.
If you didn't know this Kyle is CRAZY ABOUT ROCKS! He sat in the front row and answered every question the instructor asked...he was VERY ENTHUSIASTIC!
Here is a picture of our house, so you can get an idea of how isolated we are:
Stella is now 10 MONTHS OLD! Can you believe it? In just a few short months our little babe will be a toddler! We're all giving her lots of extra hugs, knowing that she's not going to be a baby much longer!
Her morning routine is to crawl over to where her brothers are sleeping and wake them up.
Well, Reeve is usually awake reading, and Kyle is snug under the covers.
She LOVES her brothers. She also loves the camera and came crawling after it.
This was her reaction when I didn't allow her to grab the camera...
Nah! She's not spoiled...she doesn't know how to get her way!