Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kyle's Acting Debut

As we approached the "KeikiLand" (Keiki in Hawaiian means kid) at the HAAS (Reeve & Kyle's school) Campus we took a peak through the emergency exit and saw Kyle in his "Menehune Corner".
This year Keiki Land takes the audience on a guided tour through all the Hawaiian Islands. Kyle was on the island of Lanai with a fellow menehune. Kyle's part was the speaking part and he greeted the audience with, "Aloha, Welcome to Lanai, where the color a'lani (hawaiian for orange) and the flower kauna'oa, is shown through the energy of the Menehunes." Then he gets the audience involved in helping them build a fish pond. It was very cute and fun for Stella.
Kyle and his fellow menehune...
Kyle showing us his costume at the entrance to Keikiland.

Kyle giving his performance for us...Stella (in the Devil hood), Papa, and Mama (with the camera).
At each island the audience receives a card from each island. At the end the Rainbow goddess asks them their favorite color and she ties all their cards together with a string of their favorite color.
Kyle volunteered to perform 6 nights! (7, if you count the dress rehearsal) from 4pm until 9pm Thurdsay, Friday, and Saturday of this week and last week. While we were waiting for him to finish his shift we were entertained by the rockin' band NYR.