Saturday, May 07, 2011

Tulips and the Moving Trailer

First tulip opened April 29th...the day before Stella turned 2. She had fun saying tulips and really thought they opened for her turning 2...good timing!

Getting ready...the trailer to move! Two weeks left in Wisconsin...that's it!

click on the picture below to see it larger and get an idea of the trailer's size compared to cute lil' Stella.
Some Hawaii bumper stickers for my it looks more *local* and not from Wisconsin :)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Evening sunset. By Reeve

A couple of evenings ago on Stella's birthday there was a beautiful sunset I ran and got my camera and went crazy! I took thirty photos of the sunset!here are the best of them.
Kyle: riding into the sunset


Looking through the pine tree:

I tried taking a self portrait of me but the camera was tilted back too much. I thought it was pretty good though.

I like how this one looks like a reflection in the water.

I like the clouds in this one:

I like the trail of red in the sky:

This one I took with the flash, and Mom says she likes all the colors with the bright green of the grass, blues and purples in the sky, and the red-orange sunset.

blurry but cool:

I like the bright red through the trees:

Hope you like my 2nd post.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Wisconsin House Updates

First up...Tom's pic of the Rainbow around the Sun...also known as a halo around the sun. We love our rainbows. Every time I see a rainbow around the sun I think of Stealin' lyrics: Put your arms around me like a circle 'round the sun, You know I'll love you mama when my easy ridin's done.
The upstairs getting framed up! This picture is looking west...the door on the right is to a laundry room.
Stairway is to the garage overpass which leads to the front driveway.
The doorway in the pic below will be to a pantry. Slider door leads out to the deck.
This is a bathroom door.
In the far right back corner will be a walk-in closet. On the left will be a bathroom. In front of the closet on the right will be an office/bedroom and on the left will be a larger bedroom.
Looking into the bedroom and then door to the bathroom.

Tom working on the solar/boiler controls to make the solar hot water system and boiler work automatically.
Pretty cool little controller. It gives the fluid temperature at the outside solar collectors and when it's about 70F it will turn the AC pump on to pump it into the floors. It also has a sensor for outdoor air temp, and indoor air temp. Tom added some additional relays so that if the DC (solar electric driven) pump is on (meaning it's sunny outside) then the boiler will not turn on. There's a sensor in the water heater, so the boiler will turn on to heat the hot water, and this was put on a timer and another relay so the boiler won't turn on during the day if it's sunny out. I know there is more that it does, but that's the gist of it!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Family Walk ~ by Reeve

Hi, I'm Reeve
I'm going to be posting to this blog, hopefully every Sunday. This first issue will be about our family walk.

**This just in: Mom posted the 2 videos that I took to our Youtube Channel. Look to the right of this post and click on the first link for Raye's Youtube Channel #1. My cow videos are there.**

We start our family walk going up a big hill.

This is Kyle going backwards up the hill.

This is the view of our house from the top of the hill.



This is the house on the top of the first hill.

That's Kyle, in the distance, running up the hill. Stella is chasing after him.

There's Mom, Stella, and Kyle walking up the second hill. You can see the log house in the back.

There's Mom, Stella, Kyle, and Papa.

This is where we usually stop our walk, but ever since Stella started seeing the cows at Sorrenson's farm we've walked over to them to visit with the cows a bit. Stella really likes them.

This is the view of the farmland from the stop sign.

Here is a picture of all the cows.

Hope you enjoyed my first post.