Saturday, December 01, 2012

We love the Sun

Every Sunday we set up a tent at a local Market that has everything. Stella is standing in front of our off-grid laundry demo.
 Tommy talking solar story
We've converted two used electric golf cars into solar powered golf cars.
I get an extra resistance work-out when Stella helps me do the laundry.

 Stella is the only one who dares to pick up a duck.
 She is holding Meg.
I bought some Hawaiian themed fabric for the golf car seats.

Tommy and Reeve building a battery box to house 4 renewable energy L-16 batteries.
 One of our pineapple patches.
 Meyer lemon tree
 Papaya tree
 Two papaya trees
Grapefruit tree
Soapberry tree. This tree will someday produce soap "nuts" or berries that we can dry and use for laundry soap, dishwashing soap, and shampoo.
 Going in a counter clockwise circle starting with the soapberry tree in front, then two edible hibiscus (aka Bele plant) along the log, a Mamaki tree (related to stinging nettle), and a soapberry tree behind it and another one off to the side.
Reeve taking care of the bananas. He weeded and mulched them.
 Two edible hibiscus plants...the leaves are great in salad and taste like spinach. Very nutritious. In the center is a lilikoi (passion fruit) vine.
 Up close of the edible hibiscus.
 Up close of the Mamaki tree.

New pineapple plant and papaya patch.
 New used truck and topper for the business :)

 Reeve has a job :) He takes the golf car 4 miles to do yard work for our good friends.
 Our one surviving duckling...Star! Stella named him :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hammock Fun

Aloha, I have not forgotten about this place :) I'll be posting again and updating from August...geesh! Where does the time go?
To save space in our little cabin we all sleep in comfy hammocks. The boys got in our big hammock with Stella one morning.
 Above...Stella hiding under the blanket...below, pic-a-boo! There she is!

 I had the opportunity to volunteer for the Hilo Marine Mammal Response Network (HMMR). This is a monk seal. Most of the monk seals they identify by their tag number, but Lighthouse Mom is special. She is the monk seal that formed the HMMR. She is the Big Island's birthing Mom and she has been birthing one pup a year for about the last decade.