Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Where does the time go?

I've been meaning to post pics for awhile now. The kids have had swimming and tennis lessons for the past couple of weeks, but yesterday and today the swimming lessons were canceled b/c it is too cold! Last week we had temps in the 90's with heat index 95-100, last night when we went out it was 56F and falling.
First off: Some cute Stella pics

Stella IS a wonderful baby. Her latest lesson for us was brought to light by a friend we hung out with at the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair that we went to in Custer, WI (a 2 hr drive) over Father's Day Weekend. Anyway she saw me holding Stella and noticed that Stella was cueing me that she had to go to the bathroom. I said "What????," and she proceeded to tell me about the undiapering method. It was fascinating and it really works. I stopped counting, but since we've been home Stella has peed/pooped in the toilet over 30 times! We only do this at home, but she is oh so happy when we read her signals correctly! She just looks deep into our eyes and wiggles and giggles around...looks like she's trying to fly off the bed. I ask her if she needs to go potty and she smiles real big. I take her dry diaper off and we go to the bathroom. We have a child seat insert for the toilet and I just stand her on that and she goes! It is the coolest thing ever. She is just so happy with us when we get it right. We discovered this was the major source of her frustration at night. Seriously...she was getting super duper cranky right before bed AND she kept getting a wet diaper. I swear she likes to go a lot before bedtime b/c most of the time she stays dry until 4 or 5 am if we get to bed by 11pm. Well now when she starts to get fussy we take her to the bathroom. Okay I'm going on and on about this, but for me it's pretty exciting stuff. Ask my folks, I think I called them after every time she went for the first 3 days.
I had posted these pics and then had to go take care of something else...the post continues. Tim did a great job summarizing the pics, thanks :-). Can't wait to get down to FL and spend some time with you...maybe this winter!
Every year the MREA (Midwest Renewable Energy Association) puts on a huge Energy Fair

we love to go and camp at the fair in a little pine forest.

The kids love to play with the "human" power demos.

Stella did very good for her first camping trip.

She was the first one up after Tom left to go volunteer.

We saw Michelle Shocked!

Reeve and Kyle had fun dancing to her song Anchorage.

Stella was sporting her recycling onsie from Lauren & Jess in Georgia.

Tom's sporting his new work shirts.

Reeve and Kyle are taking free tennis lessons in Elroy every Monday.