Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Pics finally!!!!

No excuses...just feel like I've been in a time warp since Stella has been born! She'll be 5 months in a couple of days...soooo hard to believe! I'm still amazed I have 3 kids! Yikes! We've all been well. Tom stays busy with his business. He'll be on the local Fox News (La Crosse/Eau Claire) Thursday at 9pm for the Thinking Green News Minute. I can't get the video uploaded here, but if I didn't send it to you in an email and you'd like to see it just email me. Next weekend we have a booth at the Madison Solar Street Fair. The kids are excited to help out. Reeve and Kyle are involved in an awesome home school cooperative. We meet each Tuesday and they have music and 4 classes.

This first pic of Stella was taken about a month was pretty chilly that day! We've had some beautiful weather since and now we're starting to have some classic Fall days. The leaves are changing colors and we're going to try to harvest the pears today. We've been enjoying the apples...I'll have to take a pic of them on the trees before we harvest them all.

Up on our ridge we have some amazing clouds that roll through...I tried to take some pics of them. The pictures don't do the scene we saw was surreal.

Kyle was inspired by my cloud pictures and asked to take several sunset pictures. He's getting better with the camera...he took these pics all on his own.

The kids and I set out a blanket on the grass last week and had fun watching Stella crawl. We tried to take a picture of all four of us, but it was hard to keep everyone still...

The rest is just all Stella. What a fun little baby girl!!! Tim please note the permanent mohawk Stella is sporting...her sticks straight up right in the center of her head...all the time. When we go out that's usually the first thing people notice about her..."Wow, get a load of that hair!"