Sunday, May 02, 2010

Stella & Some Guacamole and Baby Mary

Stella does not like avocados. We've tried to feed them to her (Reeve & Kyle both loved them as babies), but each time she takes the yummy green avocado out of her mouth, holds it out for us to see (while wearing her most serious expression), and then dramatically throws it onto the ground, which then elicits roaring laughter from her two favorite fans, Reeve & Kyle.
Well we LOVE our guacamole and Stella could not stand the fact that we were all enjoying dipping our carrots and gobbling up the guacamole. Tommy decided to give her a carrot stick and some guacamole...
Could you tell she LOVED it? I am happy to report that there have been no detrimental side effects from feeding her guacamole, and it's now one of her favorites. It ranks right up there with her most favorite food so far....Quinoa & Kidney beans. She also loves olives, oatmeal, brown rice, banana chips, apples, and carrot sticks...oh and she had fusilli pasta w/tomato sauce on her birthday which was a huge hit with her.

Speaking of her birthday I have more pictures to post from that fun day, but I'm having more troubles with my new camera. Now when we go to look at the pictures or take new pictures it says it can't read the memory card...UGH!
Anyway, for Stella's first birthday I made her a baby doll from scratch. It was a ton of fun for me to make and took me about 15-20 hours for this first one...I know I will get faster now that I've got one under my belt. Reeve named her Baby Mary, and I'm happy to report that Stella absolutely LOVES her Baby Mary.
Meet Baby Mary
I ran out of time to make her clothes, so we borrowed Baby Oza's clothes.