Sunday, October 09, 2011

Hilo Bay & Pinkies Beach

It was a gorgeous day in Hilo on our way out to a beach just north of Hilo. I'm not sure of the name of the beach, but it's by Pinkies Convieneince Store. It was so clear we could see the Observatories (there are 13 of them) up on Mauna Kea (usually covered in clouds). Unfortunately Reeve was a tad late in pulling out the camera and we drove past the point where we could see the top of the mountain.
These pics are of Hilo Bay.

and downtown Hilo from Reeve's vantage point of the passenger side of the car.

After we found a parking spot we hiked down to the beach. Really quite serene with the river flowing right into the ocean. There was tons of sea glass by the river's edge, so while Reeve and Kyle went body surfing the girls and I were looking for sea glass.

After the beach we drove up the Hamakua coast for a bit to visit our friend's house and enjoyed this beautiful view.