Saturday, June 26, 2010

21st Midwest Renewable Energy Fair

Last weekend we traveled north about 1.5 hours to Custer, WI to set up our first booth at the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair.

We camped there last year when Stella was only 6 weeks old! Last year we decided that the next time we go we should have a booth.
The kids had fun manning the booth with Tom while Stella enjoyed strutting around the fair. She doesn't just walk...she struts...just look at her in motion below

It was nothing fancy, but it worked and Tom had a good time talking with new and returning customers.
Remember that alcohol fuel still we visited in North Carolina just a few weeks ago, well Carl Petzold and his new Silver Cloud Still were at the Energy Fair.

The kids had fun visiting the different booths and participating in kid activities.

Kyle loves to ride this bike every year to see how hard it is to produce the electricity to power things like hair dryers, radios, and light bulbs.

This year the 4H Group set up a "Build a Wind Turbine" hands-on class. A good lesson in teamwork for Reeve and Kyle.

We camped in the Pineridge campground that connects to the Energy Fair. It was nice to have a short walk to our home base to give Stella some one on one attention in a quiet spot.

Stella and I crashed here early in the evenings listening to the live music playin' at the fair, while Tom, Kyle and Reeve danced the night away and didn't return till 11pm.

Reeve said he had tons of fun dancing, but did not like having to fend off some little girls (he says they were about 8~10ish) who were chasing him and wanted to kiss him! This happened mostly on Saturday night when the band was playing and putting on a puppet show.
This year the fair put on their first "Renewsical" it was a fun musical about renewable energy.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our visit to Georgia

To wind up our trip we headed north to Georgia and stopped in to see Tommy's Great Aunt Joyce...affectionately known as GJ!
We love GJ and her new house is beautiful!
Tommy and me are both looking kinda tired...
We all had fun in the warm Georgia sun and GJ's pool
Stella and Kyle had fun in the kiddie pool
It was good to see Jess again!
It was very good to hang out and relax

It was fun to see and visit with Terri, Dan, Lauren, and Chris too!
Cute little Molly
Stella making herself at home in Molly's bed
Our goodbye picture!
Then we stuffed the kids into the van...notice the surfboard next to Kyle! We pack everything!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last day of biking to Hobe Sound Beach

Okay this sums up the last of our "biking to the beach" pictures. It's a memory we will cherish.
Tommy getting Stella loaded up in the burley
The biking gang cruising around on Sandcastle Circle waiting for everyone to get ready
Biking down Gomez Avenue on the way to Jupiter Island and Hobe Sound Beach.
Tree covered Bridge Road
Going over the bridge and intercoastal waterway
Arriving at Hobe Sound Beach
Enjoying the beach at dusk
Last day at the beach...swimsuit optional...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hobe Sound...Day 5 at the Beach

I miss my vacation at the beach! We had a great camping trip to the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair in Custer, WI this past weekend and once I finish posting the FL~GA trip I will post those :)
Day 5 started out with Reeve putting the finishing touches on his card tower. Reeve and Kyle had lots of fun staying up late and playing card games with their cousin Lauren. Good memories for them.
Reeve wanted to make sure I got a picture before Stella woke up, because he knew what she would do...
We hung around the house and lounged around the pool until our afternoon bike ride to the beach. This day was the calmest...
Above Kyle splashing...below Kyle in mid-air...
 Reeve in the ocean...
Me and my beautiful baby Stella...
Tommy and Stella...
Stella got a little too much salt water to taste...oh the look on her face!
Tommy put her down and she says "I'm outta here Papa!"
Actually she LOVES the beach...she couldn't wait to go there everyday.
Stella's bow to the ocean...