Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kyle's 7th Bday, Stella's 1st Snow

Finally starting to feel like myself again. For the past 3 weeks I had the worst flu!!! I'm all better now :-)
We've been getting Stella ready for the cold weather by trying on some clothes a friend brought over for her.

I was in a funk earlier when I originally wrote this entry...I do like pink, and Stella does look cute in pink...just a boy Mom getting used to having a little girl :-)

Purple is okay...Here is Stella wearing purple in her very first snow!!! It snowed really big flakes, but they all melted before hitting the ground.

Look at how HUGE Stella has grown! Our chunky monkey is now proudly sporting size 12-24 month sized clothing.

Kyle turned SEVEN on Sunday!!!!!!!

Again I made a HOT birthday item and LEARNED NOT to put birthday candles into HOT pumpkin know why???? THEY MELT! And then birthday boy does not get to blow them out, and husband gets upset because NO ONE likes to eat wax and no one understands why Mom has to learn this lesson EVERY year!!! I was able to scoop out the melted wax and Kyle happily blew out a single candle for his birthday.
Now at the EXACT moment poor Tom took this picture the midwest experienced a MASSIVE earthquake, totally off the richter scale...

Just kidding...
Kyle was just thrilled I made two pumpkin pies and they looked edible. He actually said he was confident they tasted good because they were not carrot cake and he knows I can make pumpkin pie.

We had a low-key birthday. Tom took them to the movies Saturday night and Tom ended up liking the movie more than Kyle and Reeve (they saw "Where the Wild Things Are." Reeve thought it was horrible! Kyle thought it was okay, but definitely wasn't what he was expecting. The boys take after their Papa and had NOTHING to eat at the movies. Lately, if it's not organic Reeve will refuse to eat it.
Kyle loves books and received 6 different books and magazines. He was THRILLED with his no batteries needed rocket launcher.

This weekend we picked all the apples from our trees. YUMMY!!!

The first weekend in October we were in Madison for the MadiSUN Solar Street Fair. We were met there by our good friend Christine!