Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!!!

Reeve has taken up a new craft. It was one that his Great-Grandfather was passionate about...Leather Crafting. We have many of my Grandfather's leather crafted works of art, and Reeve has been inspired to learn the craft. We set him up a temporary leather working station. He's using the tools and scrap leather from his Great-Grandfather Ed Guilbeault. Reeve's Grandpa B hand selected which tools would be best for Reeve to start with and he included some beginning leather working books.

Reeve prepares his working scrap with moisture.

He tests it on his cheek to see if it is ready to be worked.

He gets to work. He's excited to start making gifts for people.

Stella's been as cute as ever. Eight months old now. She loves her new doll from the Ozarks...we call her "Oza"

She loves standing up to play with her blocks.

She needed some warm booties to wear around the house, so I attempted to knit some. I hurriedly went on to to find a quick, easy, free bootie pattern. Then I went through my yarn and picked out some soft soy/wool leftover yarn sent to me by the person who always inspires the crafty side in me...ever since First Grade where we got crazy and boogied down in her living room on a regular basis...Ms. Pants :-).

I totally guessed wrong on the size for Stella.

They were so cute when I got down to the sewing up the hem part that I decided to improvise and try to make them big enough to fit her chunky little feet and calves.

This morning I spent way too much time trying to "guess" how to make them bigger...where I needed to add stitches, etc...and I was trying to figure out if I could just knit them on circular needles. Circs are my now favorite way to knit!
I'm looking forward to 2010...there is so much I want to do this year!
Oh and I finished my 2nd fingerless glove...much better than the first! I'm improving and having fun. Tom said he'd like a pair next. Kyle's claimed this pair and the matching hat...when am I going to find time to knit me a pair???