Friday, April 24, 2009

Feeding Frenzy & Patiently Waiting

Last week the kids and I went over to our friend's place down the road to help her feed her animals. We started out with the goats...I didn't get any pics...I've posted a lot of goat pics in the past.

Next we fed her calf Ricky his bottle. He is the sweetest bull calf and loves drinking his goat milk from the bottle.

Shortly after this pic was taken Ricky was transformed from bull to steer...I of course had no idea what that meant. My friend kindly laughed at me and told me how you turn a bull into a steer. She says you have to do it otherwise the meat is real gamey and does not taste good at all. I learn something new everyday!

Then we fed the piglets...they are getting sweeter by the day. Ironically enough they really love hot dog buns!!! Poor little piggies just have no idea what the future hold for them and some hot dog buns.

My friend says they are super friendly now and follow her on walks through the woods. She says they follow closer and easier to manage on walks than her dogs (who are really well behaved). Maybe if this baby doesn't come soon we'll go for a nice long walk in the woods with my friend and her pigs :-).

Last we fed and watered all the rabbits...way too many rabbits to count.

This is just one of like 10 cages. Most cages have one rabbit in them, but there are a couple of bunny cages like this one. Reeve's really good with the rabbits. They are so calm when he picks them up. Kyle and rabbits don't mix, even the calm ones go wild when Kyle tries to hold them. Me? I'm just not a rabbit person...I didn't even try to hold one.

No sign of baby, but I feel good and the midwife said on Monday that the baby had dropped.