Monday, April 14, 2008

Latest Craft Projects

For his birthday Reeve got a small weaving loom for making pot holders. Kyle got one too, but he wasn't as enthused as Reeve. Reeve went to town and made the first pot holder before I even thought to get my camera out. It's the red & yellow one, and he thoughtfully gave that to my parents.

There's nothing like a good craft project to get you thinking.

We got to keep the blue and yellow one he's finishing in this pic.

My Dad had a surprise for me, he re-finished a leather clock that my Grandfather had made. Who says Dads can't be crafty! It's beautiful! I love it, and it works now too!

My Mom taught me how to knit :-). She had tried the last time we visited, but we didn't work on a pattern. This time we both started a scalloped round dish cloth. It was a lot of fun!

I had to call her to help me finish it off yesterday. The finishing part was easier than I thought. It's not perfect, there are holes, but I'm pretty pleased with the first thing I've ever knitted. Next I'll attempt a square dish cloth, then maybe a hat before I dive into some comfy socks!

I'm still working on the cross-stitch. This is not the greatest pic. I need to iron this and stretch it, but I'll save that for last. Spring is complete and I've finished the summer clouds (hard to see).