Friday, January 02, 2009

Tom's website

Yay! I'm really LOVING my new web host. No more lame advertising at the top! No more invasive pop-ups! Cheap hosting (less than $5/month!) and templates that I can use until I get more proficient at programming. If any of you are looking for a great, easy to use, web host just let me know...they even pay me $$ for referrals. Can't beat that.
I was messing around with Tom's site today...I hope to make it better real soon, but here's my start:

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Last Day of 2008!
December has been filled with snow...and then melting snow. We've had some pretty wild extremes here, but today has been COLD!

On December 20th the kids celebrated the last day of Fall with a snowy swing ride.

They love to get swinging pretty high...

and then jump off the swing, turn around in the air, and land in the snow.

Kyle just likes to fall off the swing into the snow.

It's hard to believe but we've live in Wisconsin 15 years now and this year we broke down and bought a Geo Tracker with a snow plow!

No more shoveling for hours on end just to get out of the more dependence on the kindness of our neighbors to eventually plow us out when they can. Now we can actually help to plow them out. We'll also be able to use our full driveway down to the garage...and not just the bit at the edge of the driveway. The day we bought it was pouring rain and then that night we got about 3 inches of fresh snow for Tom to test the plow. It worked great!

Tom's business has been growing and getting stronger. He's serviced 50 customers since August and hasn't had too many days off since then. We decided it was time to upgrade his work vehicle. Currently he's been using the Family Van...our 92 Toyota Previa, and we're thinking we're going to need that again in April when we'll have 3 kids to tote around.
He found a great deal on a 2002 Chevy Express Cargo Van.

I'll take more pictures when we get the business lettering on it, but we're thinking the lettering might look something like this...

I've been pulling my hair out the past couple of days trying to upgrade our free business site to a professional one (without the annoying pop-up ads and top banner advertising). I tried because they had a hosting special and I read that they were user friendly. I spent days trying to learn Joomla (a software script for building websites) with no luck at all! I followed the tutorials, but I just didn't get it. Then I researched "best web hosts for beginners" and found They had a better special going on, so I actually ended up saving $$. I can't really dive into it until hostmonster transfers my domain (can take up to 72hrs), but so far I think I'll like it better. They have a website builder for idiots like me called Page Mason. I can just plug my info into a template, which is pretty much all I know how to do. I still have to figure out how to upload pictures, but I think that will be easier once the domain is transferred.
I'm making Black-Eyed peas for New's Years dinner tonight...unfortunately I have NO collard greens...will cabbage do? I hope so. We also have some New Glarus Cherry Ale to ring in the New Year...don't worry I won't drink too much. It's a mild Ale, IMHO :-).
We still have our Christmas tree and Christmas decorations up...I gotta work on taking them's the longest I've ever kept it up.
The baby is doing least it's moving around a lot and the heartbeat sounds strong and healthy. I visit the midwife on January 5th.
Reeve and Kyle are doing well and are happy when it snows...just one of the reasons that it's probably a good thing we live in Wisconsin. The other things we love about life in Wisconsin is the easy access to locally grown organic food and Wisconsin Public Radio. We love to listen to Garrison Keilor's "A Prairie Home Companion," Big Top Chautauqua's Tent Show Radio, Wisconsin's Old Time Radio Drama with great radio shows from the 40's & 50's, and my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE RADIO SHOW IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD... CHICAGO PUBLIC RADIO'S "THIS AMERICAN LIFE" with Ira Glass. If you ever get a chance to listen to it...DO! It's awesome.

Everyone have a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE!