Friday, May 27, 2011

Camping in Washington

We're having quite the trip! Listening to some great audio cds and trucking right along.
We got moving Tuesday evening and made it to the other side of the Twin Cities in MN. Wednesday I think we made it to around Miles City, MT.
Then Thursday Tom noticed the brakes for the trailer weren't working right, so we found a Wal-Mart in Billings, MT.
Tom fixed the fuse on the brake controller for the trailer. The wires under the trailer had snipped when we went over a bump, so Tom fixed that. Meanwhile, in the parking lot, I made us guacamole and coffee. I actually had some warm water from a thermos and I used our handy dandy french press pot coffee maker. We ate and then got on the road. Pretty sure this was Thursday...

Then we traveled through the Rockies on I94 to Missoula, MT. We made it to Missoula last night about 8pm~ish. Tom had us all stopped at a truck stop, but it was my bright idea to go about 45 miles further to a *Rest Stop* we found on the Tom Tom. got dark, steep hills, started to rain, I was having trouble seeing. We had gone about 30 miles and I requested to stop, so we pulled off at an services there and no where to park! Tried again with the next exit...same deal. Finally we came to the Parking Area Rest Stop. Took the middle seat out of the van, set up the air mattresses and blankets and went to sleep.

We didn't wake up until about 9am! :) We got rolling about 9:30am. Made it out of the rockies unscathed. I requested to stop before we went over the Cascades. I'm not sure how many nights we'll stay here. We're about 120 miles from Seattle. Not much we can do before Tuesday, so we might stay until Tuesday morning. Not sure how long our laptop battery will last. I'll look for a phone tomorrow.

I'm getting great gas mileage (traveling 40 to 55 mph!)... about 34 to 40 miles per gallon. Tom's getting about 10 to 14 miles per gallon with the trailer. Wish us luck going over the wind would be helpful.

Right now the boys are riding rented bikes around the KOA and Tom and Stella are having a shower.