Friday, July 13, 2007

Swim Lessons at the Elroy Pool

For the past two weeks my Mom has taken Reeve and Kyle to their swimming lessons everyday. It's been a great diversion while I've been at work all day. I labeled these pics with their names by them...just click on the pic and it will appear bigger then when you want to come back to this page hit the back button on your browser.

They start out the lesson by jumping in. Kyle can barely touch the bottom...Reeve can easily touch the bottom.

Then they warm up by bobbing up and down. They're supposed to count how many times they can bob up. Reeve's record in a minute is 24..he's very proud of that since he started out at 7 or 6. Kyle diligently did his bobs while hanging on to the edge.

Wheels on the bus is another favorite part of the lesson...

Next is the kickboards...Reeve zooms around the pool on the kickboard. Very easy for him. Kyle is getting the hang of it. He has a very nice helper named Katie that doesn't leave his side. They all love Kyle's humor...for example they asked Kyle to do a front float one day and Kyle thought he was doing a great job, but his head was out of the water. Katie (the teacher...white hat...there are 2 Katies...blond Katie and teacher Katie) asked him to put his head in the water. Kyle looked at her very confused and said "Why?" They think he's a little "hottie" and he's doing a great job for being the youngest in this Level 1 class.

One of their "tests" is to see if they can float on their backs un-aided. They can both do this no problem now. Today they'll find out if they can move on to Level 2 that starts in about a week. I know Reeve will, but I'm curious to see if they'll let Kyle pass on to the next level.

They end the class by jumping off the diving board. Reeve absolutely loves this part and races off the board with a life jacket on.

I'm wanting him to try to jump off without the life jacket. The life guards will catch him and assist him to the edge. Kyle actually jumped off the board twice yesterday without a jacket because they ran out. This was a major step for him.

Last Friday I resigned from my gas station job only to be guilted into working only on Sundays the very next day. There's a limited amount of people that can do the opening bookwork and there's only 1 other person besides the boss that can do the bookwork on Sunday. Well today I'm so worn out from my mortgage job that I can't imagine working the weekend Sunday shift on a regular basis. I'm going to resign again and this time it will be final. Here's a pic my Mom took yesterday as I was rushing out the door to get to work on time.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Feeding Goats

We've had a busy two weeks since I last posted, but there's nothing new about that! My friend Brenda went on a little 3 day vacation, so we volunteered to feed her goats in the evening. Her Mother-in-Law lives close by and volunteered for the morning duties.

Brenda has one goat that she bought at auction that she bottle feeds, and her name is Dolly. Reeve and Kyle LOVE to give Dolly her bottle.

Brenda gets the milk for Dolly from the other mamas she has (Ginger & Jane). Dolly is so much more friendly and personable than Hazel, Tank, and Coco who are Ginger & Jane's kids. They're all very friendly, but Dolly WANTS to be petted and follow you everywhere you go.

Here I am with the kids feeding Dolly. She's like a little puppy dog.

This is a pic of Jane and her kid Hazel. Jane is really warming up to us now that we've been feeding her and playing with her kids.

After taking care of the goats our next duty was to gather the eggs out of the hen house. We collected 6 eggs in three days...Brenda's Mother-in-Law was also collecting eggs, but we were very happy with what we got.

More to come...well I downloaded the pics now I just have to organize them and write about them. My goal is to try to do that at least every other day. My Mom came up July 1st to watch the kids while I started my 2 weeks of daytime training at Affordable Mortgage. She's been an awesome house actually looks clean, the dishes are always done, Tom's been making tasty dinners, and I've been learning a ton about mortgages.