Monday, December 21, 2009

First time Ice Skating & Knitting Projects

On Friday we went to Viroqua for an ice skating session with our home-school cooperative.

This was the first time Reeve and Kyle have ice skated. They did great, but poor Reeve has some HUGE bruises on his knees! I couldn't take many pictures because it was cold in there and I was keeping Stella warm...not to mention busy talking!

Reeve and Kyle stayed pretty close to their chairs. They both got to the point where they could skate without them, but Reeve kept his around for speed. He could go much faster using the chair.

Stella looks pretty cute all bundled up!

She's happy to have Reeve next to her in the back seat.

Here is the second hat I made. It was supposed to be for me, but I made it a little too small.

I should have found an adult hat pattern, but I had it in mind that Stella and I could have matching knit hats.

I guess I didn't judge right when I tried to increase the size of the baby hat pattern I had.

I also just finished my first fingerless left hand is nice and warm as I type this! I goofed up after the wrist ribbing...I was supposed to start in stockinette stitch, but I forgot when knitting "in the round" you don't have to purl every other row.

I also happened to forget that I was supposed to increase by 6 stitches until I got to what I thought was my purl row...I ended up doing a "yarn under" and this makes little holes evenly space around the cuff...I'm learning!

I also got "off" when I was doing the ribbing, HOWEVER this is the best ribbing I've knit so far! On Stella's hat you can't even tell it's supposed to be ribbing. I'm having fun, but I need to get serious about getting my holiday cards out! I'm very late this year!