Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Duck Eggs, New Truck, & Night Market Dancing

Our duckies are now 6 months old and in the past couple of weeks they've laid a grand total of 2 eggs!
I was hoping for more by now, but recently we've been told not to expect eggs before 8 months.

Above is a picture of Reeve with the second duck egg. The shells and good and hard and they are pretty darn tasty, if I do say so myself!

When we sold the minivan the hope was to replace it with a truck. We searched and waited and searched and then bought a 95 Mazda extended cab truck...there are seatbelts for 6!

Stella loves the truck and she's convinced Papa bought it for her because it is blue. Now to put it to work by getting some cinder and cinder soil! Maybe even some trees as there is a huge plant sale happening soon at a local nursery. Actually they only sell to the public once or twice a year. It's happening on the same day as Reeve's birthday party, but maybe we can squeeze it in before the party.

A picture of our amazing banana tree that, when it rains, stands in a little pond known by the Rayes as "Banana Lake".

See that purple flower? That means a new bunch of bananas is forming.

Last Wednesday we went to the Kalapana Night Market for the first time. Fun!

(Above: Reeve with his juggling sticks, aka jolly sticks, flower sticks, and devil sticks)
We met up with some friends there and had a great time listening to the live music, eating pizza baked in a stone fireplace right in front of our eyes, and watching Stella and her friend dance the night away.

 Stella started the night out in an outfit she picked out with a jacket. By the end of the night she was only wearing the skirt on the dance floor!

Stella really really wants to hold her pets. She's constantly chasing the ducks around the yard hoping beyond hope that she will be able to just "hold and love" them. Well, she outsmarted them! She put some food in their duck house and then crawled in after them and shut the door!

They could not escape and she was able to "hold and love" them. Alice was the only smart one and did not get trapped in the house with Stella. She stayed in there for a good 30 minutes holding and loving those duckies.

Good News Updates: We sold our house to a wonderful family that I know we love and cherish it as much, if not better!, than we did. Tom passed his Contractor Law Exam and Contractor Electrical exam...inching ever closer to getting that Electrical Contractor certification. He has one more exam to take on the 20th for his Ventilating and Air Conditioning Contractor License.