Thursday, December 02, 2010

Stella's Ready for Winter

Her new Pink Princess Snow Boots (thank you Dawn!) will go perfectly with her girlie winter gear.
 She loves to go on our daily walk...especially when she is all warm and snuggly.

 You can't see them in these pictures but on this walk (November 14th) there were tiny snow flakes falling.
 Stella was amazed. She kept saying "whoa, Whoa, whooooa!" when they were falling all around us.
 She's a serious walker...getting ready to go up the big hill.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Thanksgiving in Atlanta

We had a wonderful trip down to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. We were so thankful to be with such loving and generous family and friends. We're all still smiling from all the love we received there.
 The Wisconsin kids excited for a long road trip to Atlanta!
 We've arrived at GJ's
 Little pink leopard Stella with her Princess wand

 BOP IT! Reeve...(BTW I now have the high score of 75 :))

 Stella HAD to clean the pool

 OVO!!! Cirque du Soleil in Atlanta!

 Midnight movies with GJ!
 Getting ready for a yummy Thanksgiving Day Feast...

 Family & Friends!!!

 The Historic MerryMac's Tea Room in Atlanta...DELICIOUS Southern Food!

 Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Atlanta. Me, Stella, Tommy and Ghandi in the background.

 Stella sporting her fancy new Falcons shirt and HOT pink cowgirl boots!

 Thanks for an awesome trip guys!