Monday, July 01, 2013

A Glimpse

Stella loving her new fancy dresses. This one she wears everyday!
 Stella helping to paint the wheel covers for the Solarayetor (the solar generator that Tom built with help from a welding friend).
 Reeve decided that he wanted his head shaved by me.

 Tommy & Stella in front of our house.
 Me giving "off-grid" laundry demonstrations at the Maku'u Farmers Market.
 Stella likes to help with the wringer.

 Stella (age 4) riding a two-wheeled bike with no worries. Thanks to her grandparents who gave her a no-pedal bike at age 2! She learned to balance and be comfortable on the bike to ride a real bike with a couple hours of coaching from Reeve. Reeve has now helped 3 girls learn how to ride a bike :)

 The Solarayetor at a free concert in Poho'iki to kick off the summer!

 Tommy operating the shave ice maker...why are we always so drawn to the good ole fashioned hand machines?

 Kyle has been dedicated to taking Taekwondo classes 3 days a week from 3:15-5:15pm! There are about 10-15 kids in his class and six of them "tested" for their uniforms.
Kyle tested and passed. His teacher, Master Loren Avedon,  presenting Kyle with his new uniform.

 So far our summer has been awesome. I started to do yoga twice a day. I find it much easier to practice daily when I do it twice a day. I'm not so sore when I practice morning yoga if I have a good stretch at night before supper. Reeve has been very helpful around the house and with Stella. Both boys have been sweeping, cleaning the bathrooms, and doing dishes on a regular basis, which gives me time to focus on bookeeping for our business and squeeze in some gardening and "me" time. Tom has been steadily working for our business and has been able to take days off to build shelves and work at home.